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More About the Services We Offer

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Sweep Only – (Power Sweeping)

It is important to REMOVE the debris from the parkade – not just move it around.  Large commercial sweepers have the ability to collect the debris to be removed from the site.

Keeping your parkade debris-free improves air quality, cleanliness of other parkade features such as walls/doors/pipes and reduces tracking into hallways and lobbies. It will also help to prevent the erosion of concrete and line paint. Not to mention the added benefits of improved lighting (security and visibility), sensor and camera performance and clean vehicles.  

TIP: AVOID the use of blow-packs and surface sweepers that merely send the debris air-borne!

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Sweep ‘n’ Scrub

In Alberta, our parkades have the added salt that is put on our roads in winter to help with icy conditions. This is evidenced by the white, lacy lines left behind where water accumulated and then dried up. This salt is very hard on parkades. The only way to deal with it is routine Sweep ‘n’ Scrubs. The more in-and-out traffic a parkade sees, the more regular these Sweep ‘n’ Scrubs need to be. Deterioration from excessive debris and salt accumulation is seen in the pitting of concrete and membrane breakdown.  

TIP: AVOID the use of hoses or pressure washers to remove debris/salt stains merely sends it all down the drains causing costly and inconvenient clogging and back-ups! Must sweep/remove first! 

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The floor isn't the only thing getting dirty inside your parkade. The pipes, doors, and overhead doors collect a lot of dust and dirt over time. We carefully wash down overhead lines to clear off the dust and pressure wash your walls and doors to remove the winter grime.

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Line painting

Line painting, also called striping, is essential for your parkade or parking lot's organization and traffic flow. It's also crucial for the safety of drivers as well as pedestrians. Our painters use real traffic paint and work with our Sweep ‘n’ Scrub teams to provide efficient service so you don’t need to vacate twice!

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